Andy Mallard

Project Director

An exceptionally skilled project manager and quantity surveyor, with over 40 years’ experience within the NZ construction industry.

Andy has developed a reputation for delivering on-time and on-budget, and a track record of performance on large projects including the NorthWest Shopping Centre, Asteron Centre, HSBC Tower, Vogel Centre and Defence House.

Andy’s expertise originates from being involved with a range of diverse, multi-disciplinary projects throughout his career. He has proven his ability to successfully manage a wide range of complex, innovative and sensitive projects across a variety of industry sectors.

With a detailed knowledge and understanding of the design process, Andy offers meticulous attention to detail, a rigorous approach to planning and risk management, and in-depth appreciation in cost managing. Combined, this has enabled him to develop skills in presenting intricate technical concepts, budgeting, and solutions, to clients, industry experts and staff at all levels.