Denise Bidgood

Project Administrator

Denise is an experienced project administrator with experience in the Wellington construction industry, working in both the main contractor and consultant arena.

Denise provides hands-on support to project teams and armed with the soft skills to join the necessary parties together, assisting on projects ranging in values from the smallest up to $155 million.

She is skilled in creating positive environments and building relationships with personnel at all levels across the project’s lifecycle. Ensuring strong awareness of project commitments and timing of administrative inputs and outcomes, Denise contributes to the project activities by producing and formatting documents, reports, proposals, presentations, spreadsheets, and other correspondence required by the project. Additionally, Denise manages electronic project directories and files.

Ensuring her project activities are well organised and supported, Denise engages with her three “C” mantra. “Collaborate” to get the project off on the right start. “Communicate” – all the way through to ensure the right parties are informed and “Celebrate” acknowledge and recognise successes.