Spark Data Centre

Client: Spark
Timeframe: Completed 2013 - 2014
Total value: $60M

Project description:

A new state of art Tier 3 greenfield data centre which will be one of New Zealand’s largest and most sophisticated, housing up to 1200 racks.

Built to TIA 942-A (2012) standard, with all aspects of the facility being built to meet and in many cases exceed TIA942-A levels of redundancy and resilience. A minimum of N+1 for all critical systems is required to meet TIA942-A requirements.

The design also has a strong focus on sustainability, PUE and future flexibility.

Our role

Xigo were part of a successful design/ build consortium (Retail Holdings Ltd) engaged by Spark to deliver the data centre. The challenging programme required a fast track approach involving staged consents, early works packages, and a design/build contract executed based on developed design.

Future flexibility was a key design requirement. A scalable design allows for the exact capacity of the data centre to be implemented down to an individual rack level, virtually eliminating stranded capacity issues.

Main challenges

• Knowledge/ experience of current data centre design
• Fast track programme management
• Complex services installation
• Programme analysis
• Stakeholder management