Xero 2 Building

Client: Eastward’s No2 Trust (Tenant Xero)
Timeframe: Commenced July 2015, currently under construction
Total value: $16m

Components: Retention and strengthening of two high profile heritage façades, and refurbishment of two existing levels/ addition of three new floors

Project description:

This building is located on a key gateway site on the corner of Taranaki Street and Wakefield Street offering high visibility across a major intersection where five high traffic roads meet. To achieve the circa 6500 sqm of space for tenant Xero the Client developed a solution of strengthening the existing structure over two levels and adding three new floors. Two separate buildings were built in 1880 and 1914 and joined together to read as one. With NBS ratings of approx. 34 % the existing buildings required significant strengthening.

The solution to retain the façade and existing level one was to tie the existing foundations into the new foundations and build a new superstructure through the existing level one. Innovative piling using a jet pile system allowed the piles to be installed under the existing level one floor. The building line is wrapped in a pre-tensioned Polyester/PVS mesh fabric that allows light through and when lit appears semi translucent. This fabric is tensioned on a structural frame mounted through profiled metal cladding.

Updated: 9 November 2015

Our role

Following a change in procurement methodology Xigo were engaged as the Project Managers, Engineer to the Contract and Project Quantity Surveyors.

Main challenges

Mitigating the risk and flow on impact of the unforeseen discoveries associated with the existing buildings. A project like this requires methodical approach of establishing cause and effect with due consideration for the compounding effect of series of items.

Our approach

  • Initiate market discussion (and the release of selected design documentation) with Main Contractors to obtain their commitment to tender.
  • Structure main contract tender in two phases of non-price attributes and price attributes to allow focus at the right time.
  • Provide free access to the site and open but controlled communications between tenderers and designers.
  • Complete a detailed review of tenders with a controlled document registering outcomes of tender resolution.
  • Complete combined risk assessment/solution workshops with the Contractor and Designers to arrive at “Best for Project” solutions.
  • Establish effective decision making based on evidence of value for money, time, cost and quality considerations.
  • Maintain continuous communications and reviews with the Client.
  • Pool collective skills of team to promptly resolve unforeseen issues on site.