Waikato Hospital Redevelopment

Client: Waikato District Health Board
Timeframe: July 2009 through to June 2015
Total value: $120M

Components: $120M redevelopment programme for Waikato District Health Board delivered over nearly a 10 year period

Project description:


Xigo personnel have provided Project Management services at Waikato Hospital Clinical Centres, delivered over an extended period due to the complex staging of the works required to maintain the remaining portions of Waikato Hospital fully operational throughout. The extended construction period also included an upfront preconstruction phase prior to works commencing onsite during which Hawkins Construction undertook a full review of design documentation to ensure adequate information was available period to commencing.

 The Clinical Centre was the final portion of the site redevelopment which Xigo have contributed to for over 10 years.  Now completed the facility provides a range of healthcare services including outpatients, theatres, ICU, HDU and support services.

Hospital Wards

Forming part of the Building Programme, but separate to the Clinical Centre described above, Xigo personnel acted as project managers for the design and construction of wards located over the new emergency department. These were a late addition to the scope of a contract already underway requiring careful consideration of design and staging of procurement packages to ensure that contract delays were minimised.


Our role


Xigo strategically planned stages of the project with the project team and department leads to ensure critical services were operational during the phasing of the project. Xigo coordinated principle installed medical equipment such as CT Scanners, Medical Pendant Arms, Angiography 3D Scanning Machine, Biplane in Cath Lab Theatre fitout etc. Xigo facilitated the interface between the building contract and these suppliers to ensure the client’s project was delivered on time and functional.

A focus on Health and Safety from the commencement of this project started with a clear briefing of contractors at the time of tender so that the fully understood the District Health Board’s expectations. This provided a sound platform from which initiatives were introduced which resulted in the project being delivered without a serious harm incident.

Hospital Wards

With the late requirement of additional beds above the Emergency Department, Xigo facilitated the new design to ensure the construction could continue to minimise the programme impact and maintain some progress. It was agreed to continue with the building shell and fitout margins were determined so services to the lower floors progressed. This allowed Xigo to handover the lower floor ED before the upper floors were delivered. Xigo had strict procedures in place to ensure services were not isolated without appropriate approvals before proceeding as there could have been impact on functioning facilities below. The build continued over the operating ED, Ambulance Dock and Radiology with success and saw the whole project functioning 2 years after commencing including a significant GFA addition and contract negotiation to add a significant variation

Main challenges

  • Key challenges on this project centred around constraints of working in close proximity to critical hospital functions and the mitigation of risk associated with these activities.