Datacom Data Centres

Client: Datacom
Timeframe: 2015-2016

Project description:

Xigo have provided project management services to Datacom on two of their facilities in the North Island. The first was the fitout of a portion of an existing Data Centre shell to provide expansion of data floor capacity. During these works design and planning was undertaken for a new facility on a green fields site.

Project Management services were provided though concept and all phases of design with a focus on building services and the ability to progressively expand the facility to accommodate anticipated demand.
Procurement construction and commissioning of the facility was phased which presented the challenge of working within a live operating environment while the last data floor was completed.

Rigorous testing and commissioning formed the focus of works leading up to the completion of each portion of the building with these activities recognised and included within the overall planning at the onset of the project. The final portion of this project is now complete.

Our role

  • Consenting and Procurement Strategy
  • Design Management
  • Progressive tendering of trade packages
  • Detailed technical reviews with Client Stakeholders
  • Consenting
  • External provider consultation
  • Contract Administration
  • Engineer to Contract

Main challenges

  • Construction working 24/7
  • Operating datacentre
  • Sensitive environment
  • Complex services design, staging and commissioning
  • Contaminated site