SkyCity Chiller Replacement

Client: SkyCity
Timeframe: Completed 2015
Total value: $2.5M

Project description:

This project involved the replacement of the existing Chillers located on level 54 of the Skytower. These key items of plant had reached the end of their serviceable life and as part of an ongoing asset management programme were required to be replaced. Associated work included the installation of new chilled water ring main and replacement of fan coil units within the communications levels. All of this work being carried out in an operating environment.

Our role

Xigo were engaged to manage the delivery of this project and administer the contract on behalf of Skycity.

Special attention was paid to stakeholder consultation and forward planning to ensure that all parties were fully informed throughout.
Xigo took a proactive role in setting up appropriate measure to avoid incident, monitored and provided focus on this component of the project which was essential to meet client expectations.

A positive relationship formed between Skycity , Canam, Beca and Xigo proved essential to the success of this project.

Main challenges

The Project was demanding due to:
• Location on an exposed plant deck located on level 54
• Health and safety planning and implementation to avoid any object falling from height
• Careful planning to ensure disruption to the business was maintained at minimum
• Logistical planning to break components down to allow removal using the existing Skytower lifts and then delivery of new components in a transportable size to allow the new chillers to be assembled on the plant deck
• A working environment which demanded careful consideration in terms of a safe and sometimes harsh environment