Half Moon Bay Masterplanning, Auckland

Client: Auckland Transport
Timeframe: Masterplan Completed 2011
Total value: $35m

Components: Transport/ Infrastructure planning

Project description:

After many failed attempts over the preceding two decades, the Master Planning project sought to establish a vision for the development of the Half Moon Bay terminal area that was shared and supported by all stakeholders.  The adopted plan had to be feasible from the perspective of design, construction and consenting and supported by all stakeholders.  This meant finding a design which would enhance the operation of the terminal, address safety issues, improve the public amenity of the area and also ensure connectivity between all forms of public transport.

The Master Plan also sought to establish a way to provide ferry services which were integrated with the terminal and which also provided a safe area for recreational boat users to enjoy.  The result was a full Master Plan, endorsed by all key stakeholders and Auckland Transport.

Our role

Xigo director, David Wilkie led the project, acting on behalf of Auckland Transport to deliver a preferred Master Plan solution acceptable to all stakeholders.  The Masterplan delivery required active engagement with key stakeholders including operators, neighbours, iwi and local board to investigate options to establish a preferred solution which included:

  • Increased parking areas and provision for a multi-level car park
  • Simplified road layout – separating recreational boats, car park users, and terminal building traffic
  • New ferry terminal building servicing both vehicle and passenger ferry users with covered walkways and drop off areas
  • A new passenger ferry wharf and
  • Increased vehicle ferry marshalling areas and upgraded ramps
  • Significant areas of reclamation

Main challenges

  • Balancing needs of diverse stakeholder groups
  • Land designations
  • Complex technical and traffic requirements
  • Coastal reclamation