Quay Park Precinct

Client: Auckalnd Council

Project description:

Quay Park Precinct, bounded by Quay Street, Ronayne Street and Beach Road (Auckland central) is located on former reclaimed land and was the site of Auckland’s former central Rail Station, shunting yards and industrial warehousing.

Auckland Council commissioned a study to consider the opportunities to develop the land, recognising the importance of the Precinct as an eastern gateway to Central Auckland.

A workshop was held with all key stakeholders to agree the scope and process.  Senior executives of each key stakeholder group were interviewed to understand their aspiration, plans, opportunities, constraints, concerns, ideas, needs and wants for the Quay Park area.   This discussion considered the short, medium and long-term views.

The information gathered from the interviews, and background reports, was compiled in a report and then used to analyse and identify gaps or requirements for additional specialist information, options for future uses, compatibilities, opportunities, constraints and conflicts will be highlighted.

The resultant report provided an analysis of the opportunities for development, and recommendations to progress.


Our role

Xigo were engaged by Auckland Council to lead the workshops and prepare reports on the findings of interviews with all key stakeholders. This was a collaborative and iterative process involving key stakeholders and specialist experts. Specialist experts included urban designers/architects, town planners and engineering consultants

The options were then evaluated against non-cost criteria, and a preferred option (or options) identified for further development

The preferred options have now been identified and are now awaiting land owner agreements to resolve the preferred development strategic framework.