Quay Street Redevelopment

Client: Auckland Council
Timeframe: Completion Dec 2020
Total value: $70M

Components: Infrastructure/ Urban Regeneration

Project description:

The Quay Street area is the central city’s front yard and welcome mat for thousands of people each day.   Transforming Quay Street and creating a landmark harbour edge street between Lower Hobson Street and Britomart Place, this project will create a “sense of arrival” and a “people friendly place”. The area will be lively and buzzing, a hub which tells Auckland’s story, celebrating and highlighting the cultural significance of the waterfront for all Aucklanders.

There will be enhanced north- south links from the city to water, creating a grand urban axis in an east west direction.  Bus stops will be positioned in high-quality public spaces, pedestrians will meander through intimate secondary streets and lanes and new cycle ways will connect in with existing cycle networks.

Our role

Xigo Director, David Wilkie has been appointed by City Centre Integration Group (CCI), as Project Director. Xigo will work closely with Auckland Council teams to appoint consultants and develop a brief.

The project scope comprises Quay Street streetscapes and utilities, ferry basin master plan integration and design, admiralty basin concept development, ferry building promenade and integration with Britomart and Precinct’s Downtown development.

This project is a priority of the mayor and involves the careful consultation and communication with a great many stakeholders and interested parties. Xigo will assist with consultation and advise throughout this stage, liaise with all stakeholder groups and generally support CCI in achieving an integrated programme for delivery.

Main challenges

  • Coastal environment
  • Busy city centre street/ traffic
  • Complex interactions between related dependent projects
  • Multiple stakeholder groups- internal to Auckland Council & external
  • Heritage structures
  • Complex brief & requirements