Sir John Guise Indoor Arena Redevelopment, PNG

Client: Venues, Infrastructure and Events Committee (VIEC) Pacific Games 2015
Timeframe: March 2014 to May 2015
Total value: NZ$24m

Components: Redevelopment of existing basketball arena to provide a flexible indoor sports venue to international standards for 2015 Pacific Games

Project description:

This project includes the redevelopment of the existing basketball arena to provide a flexible sports venue capable of hosting basketball, volleyball, netball, boxing and weightlifting. The project also involved the upgrade of two existing squash courts.

The scope included retractable seating which will increase the capacity of the arena to 1,706. The installation of the retractable seating allows the flexibility to turn the main court into two adjacent basketball courts. The addition of built in sockets in the floor allow the venue to host both netball and basketball without compromising the Level 2 FIBA certification on the main basketball court. Additional strengthening was installed beneath the sports floor to allow the venue to also host boxing and weightlifting.

Our role

Xigo’s role includes execution of a procurement strategy aimed at minimising procurement delay and increasing the lifespan of the building to ensure the building was delivered within the timeframes and in accordance with AS2124-1992.

Xigo have been engaged through design and initial procurement ensuring that procurement focussed on products and materials readily available to the PNG market and through construction stages.

Xigo director David Wilkie is the Xigo Project Director in charge of this project. His role included leading the project masterplanning phase; keeping an overview of the project as progresses through the different phases; and acting as the Superintendent, as defined by AS2124-1992.