Wellington ASB Sports Centre

Client: Wellington City Council
Timeframe: Completion August 2012
Total value: Confidential

Components: Community indoor stadium with playing and training facilities for a variety of sports

Project description:

The Wellington ASB Sports Centre indoor stadium contains twelve courts with a total GFA of 10,500 m2 and provides the local community and schools with quality playing and training facilities for a variety of sports.

The main sprung floor of the sports centre is divided into Sports Hall East and Sports Hall West and the spine down the centre houses amenities and sports control.

Each half of the indoor sports centre contains six basketball and netball courts, and there is room for eighteen volleyball courts overall. A large area to the north east has changing facilities and there is storage space on the south east and
north west corners.

At Mezzanine height the centre provides an administrative home for various sports codes along with excellent viewing to both sports halls, meeting rooms, and community recreation and social space. Below the centre on the western half is an underground car park.

The Sports Centre boasts two New Zealand firsts: it is the first project to use steel elliptical tapered columns, and it is the first project to use a Kalzip roof.

Our role

Xigo personnel provided two independent roles for this project, firstly as a secondment to the panel tasked to identify the “best” location for the Indoor Stadium, and secondly as the support construction project manager providing operational overview and management of risk mitigation. We undertook a management review through the different stages gaining valuable insight into quality, programme, and cost considerations.

Main challenges

The installation of the Kalzip roof was quite an exercise in planning. The aluminium roof started out as 3 tonne coils of flat sheet, which was formed into 54m sections on site. To minimise handling, the on-site production occurred at roof level.

The mobile roll-former machine complete with generator was housed in a shipping container, which was craned onto a scaffold platform. Upon exiting the roll-former machine, the aluminium roofing sheets were bundle-stacked straight onto the roof platform. The midair manufacturing solution was fast, efficient, extremely safe and very versatile.